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At EyeTech, our mission is to provide your entire family (kids and adults) with the highest quality of vision care.

We take pride in delivering a comprehensive vision care with a personal touch.


We welcome all new patients in our practice. We also extend our thanks to all of our current patients and grateful for their referrals.

Come visit us!

Circle C - Escarpment Village
5900 W. Slaughter Lane
Suite 450
Austin, Texas 78749

Tel: (512) 288-0090


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Comprehensive Family Eye Care

At EyeTech our patients love our technologically advanced, thorough eye exams. We take pride in delivering a comprehensive vision care with a personal touch. Dr. Lamei welcomes children 4 years old and up.

Red and Dry Eye - Bye bye red eyes and dry eyes

Dr. Lamei is a certified Therapeutic Optometrist who can help you with your itchy eyes, dry eyes, goopy eyes, or pink eyes and the list can go on.....

When it comes to your eyes the earlier you come and see us the quicker your eye will heal. The most common causes of red eyes are allergies, dry eyes, foreign body in your eye. However; red eyes can also be due to contact lens induced infections, viral infection after a common cold, corneal ulcer mostly secondary to contacts and other more serious condition where the eye is internally inflamated or infected. You should take any symptoms regarding your eyes seriously and visit your doctor as soon as possible.

When it comes to dry eyes, there are many options to treat with pharmaceuticals as well as other mechanical interventions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have been suffering from dry eyes and have been unable to wear your contact lenses for the past few years. Dr. Lamei will be glad to educate you on your options.


Would you like a better way to see the world around you without the hassle of glasses or contacts?

Lasik vision correction is the most frequently performed laser vision correction procedure. The procedure is so easy that in minutes your eyes can be clear and sharp to help you regain your natural vision.
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Contact Lens

Are you still being told that your eyes are not a good candidate for contacts? Learn More >>