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At EyeTech, our mission is to provide your entire family (kids and adults) with the highest quality of vision care.

We take pride in delivering a comprehensive vision care with a personal touch.


We welcome all new patients in our practice. We also extend our thanks to all of our current patients and grateful for their referrals.

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Vision Screening

Did you know that only kinder, 1st Grade, 3rd Grade and 5th Graders are screened for their vision by AISD. We are offering Free Vision
Screening for everyone young or adult on Wednesdays. You can make an appointment or you can walk in for your Screening. 

If a child passes a Vision Screening at school but still complains of head ache and vision changes, he or she can be re-screened for free at our office for Hyperopia or Farsightedness. Hyperopia is the most common eye condition among children  that can go undetected even during a School Vision Screening. These Children usually complain of afternoon headaches as well as lack of concentration during reading activities.  They often take their eyes off their reading material to take a break.  Some also complain of fluctuation of vision during near task activities, such as homework, computers, games...etc. Others will also complain of blurry distant vision after long term reading, in other words, a delay in the focusing ability of the eye once the eye is under the stress of a near task activity. 

Learn more about you children's' vision and Vision Screening at www.preventblindness.org