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At EyeTech, our mission is to provide your entire family (kids and adults) with the highest quality of vision care.

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LASIK Co-Management

At EyeTech, we educate you on LASIK procedures and we will also provide you with pre- and post operation procedures. Dr. Lamei has been working with the finest LASIK surgeons of Austin for the past 11 years. Laser in-Situ Keratomileusis, otherwise known as LASIK, is the most advanced refractive surgery procedure for correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. These vision problems are caused by an irregularly shaped cornea, the outer surface of the eye.

In laser vision correction, the excimer laser is used to re-sculpt the cornea to a more normal shape. Lasik Procedure combines the skill of the refractive surgeon with the advanced technology of the excimer laser.

During LASIK, the surgeon uses an instrument known as a microkeratome/or Intralase* to create a small flap from the outer layers of the cornea. A "hinge" is left in the flap so the flap can be laid back on the surface of the cornea. The excimer laser then uses cool ultra-violet light pulses to gently re-shape the underlying microscopic layers of corneal tissue. Finally, the flap is put back to its original position where it functions as a natural bandage on the cornea.

Wavefront LASIK is the latest advancement to the already outstanding LASIK program at Gabriele Eye Institute.The actual procedure takes only minutes to perform. LASIK is virtually painless although a mild sedative and anesthetic eye drops are generally used. Patients can usually see quite well immediately after the surgery and frequently resume normal activities within a short period of time.

We are more than happy to answer any of the questions you may have regrading Custom LASIK** vs. conventional lasik and the role of wavefront technology in our ability to perform accurate measurements of your cornea.

Are you a LASIK Candidate? Each persons eyes are different. Your vision is literally as unique as your fingerprint. In order for us to determine whether or not you would be a candidate for lasik eye surgery we will need to perform a series of extensive pre-operative eye evaluations. Not everyone is a candidate for this procedure and without this actual evaluation there is no legitimate way we can determine your candidacy.

*The IntraLase-ultrafast femtosecond laser is the first bladeless laser technology which replaces the microkeratomes that are currently used to create the corneal flap when LASIK is performed. Femtosecond laser technology generates light pulses as short as one-quadrillionth of a second at a time. IntraLase creates the flap from below the surface of the cornea, using an "inside-out" process. The silent beam of laser light is focused to a precise point where each pulse of the laser creates a tiny 2- to 3-micron bubble of carbon dioxide and water vapor. Thousands of these microscopic bubbles are precisely positioned to define the flap's dimensions. The process from start to finish takes approximately 45 seconds. With IntraLase, your doctor can create a corneal flap of exact diameter, depth, hinge location, centration, and overall architecture. **Custom LASIK- Some patient may benefit from wavefront-guided laser eye surgery, which creates an entirely customized reshaping of the corneal surface. A wavefront analysis system, called an Aberrometer, is used to measure the higher order of aberrations. This measuremnt is then interfaced with a laser, controlled by computer, to create a customized corneal ablation.